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GCC Chess Center tries their level best to provide the best chess education. But before we begin, here is a brief introduction about chess coaches and chess computers

Wanna take your tournament skills to a new level? Want to improve your overall thinking and calculation? Or maybe, you want to learn the game as a beginner to be able to beat your friends and family? If any of these sound like you, then why not learn from a USCF Candidate Master?

With over 15 years of chess teaching experience, I can make chess fun and interesting to learn! I have taught and developed chess curriculums in the public school system, conducted lectures and simuls at USCF Affiliated Chess Clubs, and even have given lectures and simuls in Prisons! Yes, you heard that right, Prisons!! I have been playing tournament chess since I was 12 years old and achieved my USCF Expert title in 2010. Currently, I am rated 2118 and looking to achieve my Master title. I have been ranked in the top 30 in the state for many years and I am ranked in the top 3% of players in the country!
Current USCF Ratings as of 2022:
Regular – 2118
Quick – 2039
Blitz – 2174

The best person to teach a beginner is someone who is not particularly strong but is in love with and understands the game. As the beginner advances, he will want to work with someone 150-200 rating points above him (300 maximum). Any higher than that, and the experience may become strenuous for both as they simply may just not understand and communicate effectively with each other. Of course, there are exceptions.

Some tournament and individual performances worth noting include:
* A Draw against Grandmaster John Fedorowicz in the 2021 Atlantic Open
* Beat Grandmaster Alexander Shabalov in a simul at the Greensboro Chess Club in 2017
* Draw against Grandmaster Elshan Moradiabadi in a simul in Burlington in 2019
* Tied for 7th place (U2200) in the 2014 Millionaire Chess Open in Las Vegas, NV and won $1,000 and had a TPR of 2450 and broke the 2100 rating!
* Tied for 1st in the 2005 NC Class Championships in the U1800 section with 4.0/5
* Scored 5.5/6 in the US Amateur Team West Championship with a TPR of 2300 and took down FIDE Master Guannan Song in the process! 
* Won many local 3 round swiss events including Asheboro Open and Greensboro Open with 3.0/3 scores. 
If interested in lessons, please contact me at 336-253-3313 or email me at jwlawso2@gmail.com
I offer online or in person lessons at a very affordable hourly rate.
– 1 hour online lesson via Skype & Lichess platform – $35
– 1 hour in person lesson at a neutral location or your home – $45 (must live/meet within a 15 mile radius. If more than 15 miles, an extra fee will be included).
– Contact me if you wish to purchase block lessons of 4 or more in advance and I will apply a discount to the total. Must pay up front to qualify for a discount.
I have great references from former and even current students upon request.  I have taught players from complete beginner all the way to 1900 USCF!! I always give homework at the conclusion of each lesson via Lichess study. All homework and games will be saved in a lichess study for each student so they have 24/7 access to all study materials from previous lessons.
Why wait, contact me today and let me help you elevate your chess skills to crazy heights!!
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