Do you feel that you are stuck at a certain level and can’t improve? Are you wanting to enhance your skills and become a strong tournament player or maybe just to beat your friends and family? Have you ever considered getting a chess coach, but have been hesitant? I am a United States Chess Federation Expert (Candidate Master) with over 15 years of chess coaching and 25 years of tournament competition experience. I have taught complete beginners all the way up to 2000 rating. If you are serious and want to improve your tournament game, or just enhance some of the skills you already have, then I am the coach for you. I specialize in calculation improvement with a good deal of focus on positional understanding. Whether you have short or long term goals, I can help you achieve them! Typical students can expect to see a 200-300 point increase in rating on average within the first 6 months of training! It’s your move …

USCF Peak Ratings:

Regular ->2118

Quick -> 2039

Blitz -> 2203

  • 30 minute trial class ->$30
  • 1 hour in person lesson -> $50
  • 1 hour online lesson ->$45 (via lichess platform w/ skype)
  • Group classes also offered starting at $100 per hour depending on size
  • Bundle class discounts available


Email: [email protected]

Cell: 336-253-3313


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